Pro Sound


Service Agreements

Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements provide routine scheduled maintenance on your system to keep all of the equipment working at peak performance during its lifespan. This routine maintenance prevents most failures. Service agreements also cover the cost of emergency service calls, so pre-approval is not required prior to staff making a service call. Operator training is also available on each visit. If you did not purchase a Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement when you purchased your system, a chargeable service must be performed to bring the system to a known state prior to the Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement taking effect.

Equipment Warranty Explained

Equipment warranty is provided by the equipment manufacturer. Typically, the warranty provided can be found in the form of a statement from the equipment manufacturer and usually only provides remedy for defects in workmanship and materials. Warranty does not cover de-installation, re-installation, set-up, commissioning, or freight to the authorized warranty depot or repair facility.

Service Agreements Do The Following:
  • Validates Product Warranty
  • Scheduled Planned Servicing of Equipment
  • Keeps Your Investment Working at Peak Performance
  • Unlimited Service Calls when and if necessary
  • On-site Training
Service Agreements Do Not Cover:
  • Damage to Equipment caused by Abuse or Misuse
  • Shipping Charges Related to Warranty Repairs
  • Equipment not specified in the Service Agreement