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Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment is the application of sound absorption and diffusion. Just like a medical prescription, Acoustic treatment is applied to fix problems. Acoustic solutions come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and aesthetics.

Why Do I Need Acoustic Treatment?

Many churches, schools, and various recreational facilities are not designed with acoustics in mind.As these facilities get used, it becomes apparent that acoustics can greatly affect how we communicate with each other.

Common Symptoms of an Acoustic Problem

  • Poor Intelligibility ie. Can’t understand what is being said
  • Complaints of a confusing and exhausting experience even though pin pointing the source of the problem is difficult
  • Stressful and confusing environment

How much Acoustic Treatment Is Needed?

As a general rule of thumb, a well-treated room has 1/3 absorption, 1/3 diffusion, and 1/3 left untreated.A reverb decay of less than 1 second will greatly help intelligibility and increase over-all listening experience.

Before applying acoustic treatment you must do the following:

  • Analyze the environment and identify the problem frequencies,
  • Develop a treatment plan: How much absorption/diffusion and location of panels?
  • Select appropriate products
  • Installation
  • Verify results using a spectrum analyzer and actual testing

Example of Acoustic Treatment

Immaculate Conception - Surrey, BC